Hyun-Kyung Lee

Hyun-Kyung Lee is a composer, pianist, educator, arranger, and co-founder of the Percussion Ensemble for Disabled People (sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism). As founder and co-director of the Global Peace and Music Foundation (GPAMF), she has attempted to create music whose mission is to awaken world peace and address related issues. She has received numerous awards from distinguished Korean organizations, including the Korea Times, Contemporary Music Society in Seoul, ISCM Section Korea, Daegu Contemporary Music Festival, and Scholarship at Grace Mission Foundation, as well as the Graduate Center Teaching Fellowship (GTE) and the Presidential Research Fund for Doctoral Student Travel Grant from the CUNY Graduate Center. Many Prominent Ensembles such as American Modern Ensemble, Contemporaneous, GPAMF Ensemble, Mivos String Quartet, Vigil Ensemble, CME Ensemble, the Korea Wind Society Ensemble, Bang-Ta Percussion Ensemble, Les Beat Ensemble, and the ISCM section Korea have performed her works. She is acknowledged for her unique orchestration; most notably, the Beatles on Baroque Concert, in which she worked as an arranger. As a pianist she has performed with the Korea Symphony Orchestra, and Korea Wind Society Ensemble.

Born in Seoul, Korea, she moved to New York in 2009 and studied at CUNY Brooklyn College, with Professors Tania Leon and Ben Bierman, receiving her master’s degree in composition. She is currently a doctorate candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center and teaches as an adjunct Professor at Brooklyn College, where she is the director of Composers at the Piano, a component of the Composer’s Forum.