Computer Music Lab

Welcome to the Graduate Center’s Computer Music Lab! Please read this website carefully before making any requests or inquiries.

How to Use:
1. Read about our stations
2. Read the Rules
3. Book a station through the director of the studio

Location: Room 3494
Hours: If the building is open, the lab is accessible.

About the Lab:
The Computer Music Lab (rm. 3494) is available for use by all music students. In addition to three computer workstations, the room also houses an 11×17 printer and a binding machine for score creation. The Lab may be reserved in advance, and when the room has not been reserved it is available first come, first serve. Full description of the gear is listed below.

Station 1
iMac computer (27-inch)
3.5GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7

Apple USB SuperDrive
M-Audio Oxygen 49 Keyboard/Midi-Controller
MOTU 828x USB Audio Interface

OpenMusic (OM 6.8)
Native Instruments Komplete 9
Ableton Live 9 Suite
Audacity (with plug-ins and LAME Mp3 exporter)

Station 2
iMac computer (27-inch)
3.5GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7

Apple USB SuperDrive
Viewsonic VX2703mh-LED 27-inch computer monitor
M-Audio Oxygen 49 Keyboard/Midi-Controller
M-Audio M-Track Quad Audio Interface

**This station is connected to the following additional hardware (for digitalization projects):

Digital Audio Recorder PCM-R500 (DAT player, recorder)
TASCAM 202 mkIII Dual cassette deck
DENON PD-DJ151 Turntable

See Station 1

Station 3
iMac computer

Large format printer (up to 11×17) (It is not configured for students to login with their GC network account. You will need specific login information in order to use this workstation or print from it. This login information will be provided along with the door code, once your request has been approved.)

Other Gear
1 Samson C01 (large-diaphragm condenser)
2 Shure PG81 (small-diaphragm condenser)
1 Shure SM58 (dynamic vocal microphone)
2 Audix i5 (dynamic instrument microphone)
1 audio-technica AT825 Stereo Mic

3 mic stands & 1 small stable stand

HANDHELD Recorders:
TASCAM DA-P1 Digital Audio Tape Recorder (DAT Recorder)

2 Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile Headphones
2 AKG K240 HD600 Headphones (OLD)
1 SAMSON RH600 Headphones

1 Allen & Heath ZED-14 Mixer
2 MACKIE Micro Series 1402-VLZ Mixer (OLD)

Computer Music Lab Rules:

Any composition student may reserve space in the lab. In order to receive the door code and computer login information, please contact the director and allow 24 hours for your request to be processed. When the lab is not in use, it is available first come, first serve for composition students. Please be advised: the door code is changed frequently. Therefore, if your project is time-sensitive, be sure to fill out the contact form well in advance to ensure that you will have access to the room.

– Be mindful of the equipment stored in this room. Please treat the equipment with care!
– Please check that the lab door closes and locks when you leave.
– The lab is reserved for use only by music students, so do not prop open the door to the lab when you leave.
– No food or drink allowed in the room.
– Do not install any software on any machine.
– Do not rename hard drives or alter the directory structure on any hard drive.
– Do not move any of the equipment without permission. Do not remove ANY equipment from the lab without prior consent to do so. Equipment can ONLY be used in other parts of the building with prior approval.
– If you have a problem with a specific machine and need assistance, report the problems to the music office, and fill out a contact form on the lab’s website. Please report any broken equipment as soon as possible so we can attempt to repair it.
– Do not leave your work on the computer hard drive. Keep in mind all students who use Station 3 share the same login account.
– Please turn all machines off when leaving.
– Save your work often. All disks can fail!

Note: You will be given the access code to the lab door, and the login information for the computer stations as soon as your booking request has been approved (by email). To book the studio, email the studio coordinator at: director [dot] gccomposers [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Request studio time
  • Request equipment
  • Report issues with the lab or gear